We are experts in processing cold cured flexible and rigid polyurethane foams. Whether your need is for cushioning or to add detailing to a given product, polyurethane foam is lightweight, cost effective and flexible in design. realform has earned an outstanding reputation for developing unique foam-based technical solutions to difficult problems.

Pattern and Mould Making
Our in-house tooling capabilities, allow us to build a tool from a pattern we are supplied or from a pattern we develop from data supplied by our customer. Our extensive design and engineering expertise allows us to produce patterns and moulds appropriate to the expected life of the product, the volume of production, and the intricacy of the product being created. Collectively, realform helps ensure our customer's products satisfy their exact design intent andRapid Prototyping requirements.

Rapid Prototyping
A superb replacement for wood, metal or epoxy resins; rigid polyurethane foam is an excellent medium for prototype development. It contains no fillers which may damage tools or contaminate the workplace. Dimensionally stable, this material makes an excellent tooling substrate. Rigid polyurethane foam is compatible with almost all tooling resin and coating systems, and finishes easily and quickly. realform seeks to continue its record of accomplishments through the pursuit of innovative design solutions and manufacturing excellence in the following key areas: requirements.