Realform TECHNOLOGIES is proud to offer RealBio™ plant-based polyurethane products, as a key component of its renewable resource strategy. After extensive viability testing, Realform’s RealBio™ technology offers today’s highest green content levels available in the molded foam product category.

The RealBio™ product line is also the first mass production ready, plant seed-based polyurethane molded foam solution, for contract seating applications.

RealBio™ polyurethane foams now provide up to 20% bio-based content and laboratory trials and have achieved even higher Bio-Polyol substitution. Ongoing development strives to provide customers choices, that offer an even stronger commitment to the environment.

RealBio™ is a cold cured, high resiliency, molded flexible polyurethane foam system using BioFoam™ technology. Our current system derives its makeup from renewable plant based reactive components. The production of the bio oil creates less CO2 emissions which reduces our foot print and ultimately our dependence on petrochemicals.